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Cyclic power cutoffs, the years of 90s. Robert Nazaryan admits that ENA is in a difficult situation


“Yes, today, ENA faces serious financial problems that are die to various issues. Firstly, they had taken short-term loans, which, in our language, were not good loans. There are problems related to their service. In addition, there is also our Commission’s fault. In 2012-2013 and 2013-14, the production of balance of our electricity when we […]

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“You Set Deadline for People for 20 Years”: MP Edmon Marukyan


Non-partisan MP Edmon Marukyan announced yesterday in parliament that the opposition must leave together with the government. During the discussion of the draft declaration on governance crisis in Armenia Edmon Marukyan stated that the opposition is to blame for the existing situation, the opposition is part of the political crisis, and therefore it must leave […]

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MP: Armenia’s state government system has not exhausted itself


The state government system of Armenia has not exhausted itself if used completely, and there is a possibility to develop it, MP Edmon Marukyan told reporters on the sidelines of the public debate on the draft concept of constitutional reform. According to the MP, the main problems in our country lie in the political system, […]

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Turkish – Backed Terrorists Target Armenian Syrians in Kessab


nsnbc : Turkish armed forces continue artillery, tank, aerial and special forces attacks against Syrian armed forces in support of mercenary brigades in Kassab, in Syria’s Lattakia province. Prior to the large scale campaign, which was launched on March 21, some 70 percent of the residents of Kassab were Armenian Syrians.  Yesterday, a delegation of Armenian MPs […]

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S T A T E M E N T 


“The Armenians around the world are shocked by the latest developments in the Syrian town of Kesab and the neighboring settlements. They have caused the evacuation of the local Armenians again; almost a century after the Armenian Genocide, they are forced to migrate.“Evaluating all this as an extraordinary violation of human rights – not just […]

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Ombudsman can say what other officials cannot – Armenian MP


It would be wrong to consider the Human Rights Defender’s report on the right to fair justice as amateurish, lawyer and crossbencher Edmon Marukyan told   “The Human Rights Defender is an official that is different from all the other Armenian officials in that he can say what they cannot. And he is not […]

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Էդմոն Մարուքյան: Սոցիալական մեդիան նախընտրական քարոզարշավում – SGS Yerevan 2013 / Edmon Marukyan: Social Media in Pre-election Campaign


I am talking about the use of social media in pre-election campaign and maintaining communication with the electorate.

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Has Edmon Marukyan Become Pro-Government or Perhaps, Police Officers Are Really Sensitive?


Today is Human Rights Day. inquired of Edmon Marukyan, a member of the National Assembly and a former counselor, how he would assess the state of human rights protection in Armenia. He replied: “There is no grade to give like B, A or C. There are problems with regard to human rights, and the […]

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LL.M. and Humphrey Fellow Alumnus Edmon Marukyan Wins Armenian National Assembly Election


In April 2012, Edmon Marukyan, a 2009-10 LL.M. student and Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow at the Law School, began his independent and non-partisan campaign against four other candidates for the National Assembly (Parliament) in his district, Vanadzor, in the Republic of Armenia.

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MP Edmon Marukyan offers to reduce Central Bank’s expences and allocate 200 million for development of science


Today at the budget debate for 2013, non-party deputy of National Assembly Edmon Marukyan offered the Vice President of the Central Bank Nerses Eritsyan to reduce CB’s certain expenses and allocate about 200 million AMD to the development of science. “The Central Bank has 810 employees. It is supposed that 390 million AMD is to […]

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