Ombudsman can say what other officials cannot – Armenian MP


It would be wrong to consider the Human Rights Defender’s report on the right to fair justice as amateurish, lawyer and crossbencher Edmon Marukyan told  

“The Human Rights Defender is an official that is different from all the other Armenian officials in that he can say what they cannot. And he is not supposed to present any facts,” the MP said.

Arsen Babayan, Head of the Public Relations Division, Judicial Department of Armenia, called the Ombudsman Karen Andreasyan’s report “amateurish.”

According to Marukyan, the Ombudsman just presented public attitude to Armenia’s judicial system.

“As regards the resolution of the problems, the Ombudsman’s terms of reference are restricted to this. So let them deal with the problem instead of saying to the Ombudsman ‘can you name a judge?’”

The response to the Ombudsman’s report was to be expected – the judicial system would never put up with such harsh criticism.

Marukyan recalled the former Ombudsman’s report on the rulings by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and the verdicts by Armenia’s Court of Cassation that were in conflict with the ECHR rulings.


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