We will not allow putting a sign of equality between the victim and the perpetrator of war crimes.

Toivo Klaar, the EU special representative for the crisis in South Caucasus and Georgia, wrote on his Twitter microblog that today he received “several videos apparently showing war crimes committed against Azerbaijanis. Also these need to be investigated and if authentic perpetrators need to be held responsible. The conflict has left deep wounds for both sides and to heal accountability is needed”.
It’s clear what’s going on, isn’t it? When irrefutable evidence of war crimes committed by Azerbaijan comes to surface, in order to counter it, Azerbaijan immediately presents war crimes as if committed by the Armenian side during the 44-day war back in 2020.
Just after that, an equal sign is placed between the victim and the perpetrator (as if both parties did the same thing).
Moreover, trying to compare any incident during a full-scale war with an obvious war crime committed against unarmed soldiers and de facto POWs during the discussion of the text of a peace treaty simply does not fit into any logic.
I am certain that the Armenian forces have never committed such war crimes, there can be no comparison with what we saw in this despicable video.

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