“You Set Deadline for People for 20 Years”: MP Edmon Marukyan


Non-partisan MP Edmon Marukyan announced yesterday in parliament that the opposition must leave together with the government. During the discussion of the draft declaration on governance crisis in Armenia Edmon Marukyan stated that the opposition is to blame for the existing situation, the opposition is part of the political crisis, and therefore it must leave together with the government and make way for new forces to come. According to Marukyan, the opposition is saying there is a political crisis but is not offering a vision and solutions.Marukyan wonders how the opposition differs from the government.Addressing the head of the ANC parliamentary group Levon Zurabyan, he said their political team headed by Levon Ter-Petrosyan justified membership of Armenia to the Eurasian Economic Union better than the government. The opposition supported the government to take the country into the EEU where there is no democracy, there is political persecution.“You supported these values. How are you speaking about those values now? You have no vision of development of the country, hence there is no difference whether you or the government integrates the country with the EEU. You and your political force made sure there is no internal protest regarding this matter. You also told everything you could to those people who had a different opinion, you were tough with those people who saw the future of Armenia in the European family. Yes, everything is very bad because we aren’t able to form an opposition which will not say everything is very bad and offer other solutions,” he stated.Edmon Marukyan said they mentioned in the draft declaration that the proactive foreign policy of the Armenian government has led the country nowhere.“You supported this, you will have to account for it. The sins of the political system are yours as well, do not deny this,” he said.Edmon Marukyan blamed the opposition for the emigration because they made vows to people but did not keep them. “You have made these people believe that there will be a change of government at 6:30, on the 10th. You set a deadline for twenty years. This is the thing, this is the reason for emigration. An alternative vision is needed in the field of the opposition,” Marukyan said.

Source – lragir.am

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