Edmon Marukyan, ‘Last and only way out of crisis’


The alliance factions of “Yelq” and “Tsarukyan” parties appealed to the Constitutional Court on June 9. They demand to annul the provision of the law on “Local self-government”, according to which 15 members of the RPA and ARF factions convene Elders’ sessions in Vanadzor. They also demand to revoke the decisions made during these sessions. “We demand to recognize the provision of the law on Local Self-Government contradictory to the Constitution and invalid, through which they convene illegal meetings and adopt decisions without a quorum. Also, the decisions that were taken, they also contradict the Constitution and should be declared invalid. Also, the provision of the law on local government, which says the government can reduce the time if there are no meetings because there is a large discretion and a matter of legal uncertainty, which we litigate as well. This is a serious systemic issue, and we are litigating a package of law provisions. This is the last and the only way out of the crises”, said an RA NA deputy, the head of the “Bright Armenia” party, Edmon Marukyan. The one-fifth of the NA deputies’ signatures was required to apply to the Constitutional Court. The appeal entered the court based on 9 “Yelq” deputies’ and 17 “Tsarukyan” deputies’ signatures. In response to the question whether he thinks that based on Gyumri’s example, the Elders nominated in Vanadzor by “Armenian Renaissance” party will also participate in sessions, Edmon Marukyan said, “I think the ARP does not have such intentions here. They probably will wait to see what decision the Constitutional Court will make”. This was the first time in the modern history of Armenia that the decisions of the Elders were disputed in the Constitutional Court. This was also the first time that members from the NA 6th convocation applied to the Constitutional Court. Tatevik GHAZARYAN

Source – aravot.am

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