MP Edmon Marukyan offers to reduce Central Bank’s expences and allocate 200 million for development of science


Today at the budget debate for 2013, non-party deputy of National Assembly Edmon Marukyan offered the Vice President of the Central Bank Nerses Eritsyan to reduce CB’s certain expenses and allocate about 200 million AMD to the development of science.

“The Central Bank has 810 employees. It is supposed that 390 million AMD is to be paid for health insurance, 432 million for business trips, 64 million for news and information material, 54 million as representative expenses. I think it is possible to make reductions from representation and business trips expenses, ” he said, adding that he thinks CB’ activity will not weaken because of this.

Central Bank Vice President Mr. Eritysan said in response that one can always decide and make reductions from different places. However, according to him, by reducing the number of employees leaving for trainings, the Central Bank is not able to provide sufficient negotiating team to work with international organizations.

“These costs are minimal. The knowledge that our team receives bring it to Armenia. They can be useful not only for the central bank’s employees, but also for the entire financial sector.” He said


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