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“The Armenians around the world are shocked by the latest developments in the Syrian town of Kesab and the neighboring settlements. They have caused the evacuation of the local Armenians again; almost a century after the Armenian Genocide, they are forced to migrate.

“Evaluating all this as an extraordinary violation of human rights – not just as a domestic affair of Turkey and Syria – we, as members of the Armenian National Assembly, strongly condemn the Turkish armed forces’ operations, a new challenge against the against the Armenian Diaspora in the Middle East.

“We call upon the Syrian and Turkish authorities to conduct an unbiased probe into the incidents and demand that the international community make its unequivocal assessment on the heinous violation of human rights by sending UN observers to the Armenian-populated districts of Kessab to document the massive violations of human rights.

“We call upon the Government of the Republic of Armenia to take necessary measures and ask the Armenians around the world to unite efforts to assist in the protection of the rights of the Syrian Armenians.

Samvel Farmanyan
Edmon Marukyan
Arman Sahakyan
Tevan Poghosyan
Artur Gevorgyan
Naira Karapetyan
Levon Martirosyan

24 March, 2014

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